Santa Claus elves

The elf of Santa Claus is designed for the little ones, to keep in the room with them during the Christmas period, and not only!
Christmas the Original has created the plush elf in multiple sizes and there are available both the male elf and the female elf, Find out more

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so every child can choose the friend to hug at night to have good dreams and to whisper all the desired gifts.
Christmas the Original has also thought of the elf for the older ones: in addition to customizable Christmas decorations such as letters or personalized Christmas balls, there are very nice legs with striped socks, pointed shoes with bells, to insert in the Christmas tree. But that’s not all, because you can also choose the nice long elf hat, which you can also wrap like a scarf, perfect to cheer up the Christmas dinner.

Plush elf on the shelf: what will it do?

A suggestion that comes from the American tradition to entertain the little ones is called “The elf on the shelf“. To play with children and the plush elf you can refer to this legend according to which, in the advent period, an elf arrives in the houses and observes what happens, bringing everything back to Santa every night, to help him