Befana socks customized for the whole family

each Befana sock is ready to be filled with gifts for young and old. The custom Befana socks are half a meter long and they are ready to welcome many gifts. The creative team of Christmas the Original has also thought of the most faithful friends and members of many families: dogs and cats. In fact, there are two socks dedicated to them: one in the shape of a fish for the cat and the other in the shape of a bone for the dog. So everyone will have personalized Befana socks that contain gifts and, in the case of our faithful life companions, even crunchies and biscuits.

The legend about the Christmas stockings

According to a legend dating back to the 12th century, the Befana’s stocking is connected to the Magi who, unable to find the way to Bethlehem where they were headed to visit Jesus, asked for information from an elderly lady, who refused to help them. Shortly