Personalized Christmas balls

Personalized Christmas balls are what makes the Christmas tree unique and original. In a small sphere, in an object, you can take the magic of Christmas into your home, customizing it with a name, a phrase or a thought so as to be unique. Find out more

palline natale personalizzate

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Next Christmas, remember to decorate the tree in an original and personalized way.

A fun fact about Christmas balls

In the past, in addition to embellishing the tree, Christmas balls represented experiences and dreams to be realized. Legend has it that the first Christmas balls were red apples, which were used to decorate the tree. The red of the apples contrasted with the green of the tree and created a warm and fun atmosphere. Thanks to a very cold winter in France, in 1858, when the apple harvest was scarce, it was decided to produce the first glass spheres to embellish Christmas trees. The idea came to a craftsman who cut glass to create watches, for this process the glass was cut into small balls then blown and thus these Christmas decorations were born.

The personalized Christmas balls from Christmas the Original

Even Christmas the Original, following tradition and legend, makes use of specialized