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Christmas tree decorations are the funniest part to choose and give away for the holidays. If you are tired of the usual Christmas decorations, in our site you can find Christmas decorations that make the difference: unique and customizable. Find out more

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The ornaments to embellish the Christmas tree are essential to create a warm and happy atmosphere and give a glamorous touch to the house.
Christmas characters, gingerbread houses, Christmas wreaths, reindeer, penguins, polar bears, these are just some of the decorations to choose to decorate your Christmas tree.

How is the Christmas tree with decorations born?

The first Christmas tree was introduced in Germany in 1611 by the Duchess of Brieg who, after having decorated her castle to celebrate Christmas, she realized that there was still a bare space. So she placed a fir tree from the garden in the room and placed decorations to create the Christmas tree.
In France only in 1840 the first Christmas tree was decorated by the Duchess of Orleans and even in Great Britain it spread after the arrival of the German prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria.
Many cities proclaim themselves as those who gave the origins