Glass Snowball

Glass snowballs are a magical object especially for recreating Christmas atmosphere at home. Adults and children are always fascinated by the snow falling inside a glass sphere and shaking the snowball to repeat this magic experience. Glass snowballs bring back childhood memories. Find out more

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When the snow falls in the landscape and in the Christmas characters, the mind begins to travel remembering the Christmas tales and fairy tales that are told every year.

What does each glass snowball contain?

Glass snowballs are collectibles, each sphere has its own story and magic spell. The glass snowball contains liquid snowflakes that come alive as soon as it is shaken, recreating a micro Christmas world. Three-dimensional figures, gingerbread houses, elves and Christmas trees are ready to come alive to make you dream and have fun. It doesn’t take much: an enchanted winter landscape and the snow that dances above it to breathe the sparkling atmosphere of Christmas. The interior of the glass sphere and the base are designed by the Christmas the Original team and they are made by artisans. On the table or on the shelf, it creates an enchanting and Christmas atmosphere with a timeless charm.

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