Santa Claus decorations

designed by our creative team and hand-crafted by our artisans, will give an original touch to the shelves and will be the most admired ornament of next Christmas. An ironic Santa winking, hanging on the front door or on the living room wall, Santa Claus carrying gifts on a Vespa to be placed in the dining room table. Santa Claus decorations as he descends from the fireplace to put gifts under the tree or while he is preparing to make the gift list just like we all do at Christmas.

The origins of Santa Claus

The origins of Santa Claus date back to the Christian period. Actually, the first person he was approached to was Saint Nicholas of Bari, a Christian bishop who lived in the fourth century. The bishop was known for his altruism and his great donations of money and gifts to the poorest. The decorations of Santa Claus want to make this figure live throughout the Christmas period,