Let’s get to know each other

Christmas the Original was born of the idea of ??bringing Christmas to every family, in an original and personalized way.
Everyone, through our Christmas decorations, can make their Christmas unique. Christmas the Original was born in Rome in 2016 and then expanded throughout Italy.
Our decorations are going around the world, thanks to the great appreciation from our clients. Our decorations for Christmas trees and for houses tell a story and they give unrepeatable emotions.


Originality and research

The design’s originality of each Christmas decoration conceived by our team work and the continuous research to think up and produce new decorations in step with the times, are our strong point.



The idea is realized thanks to our skilled craftsmen who paint each Christmas decoration by hand.



Each decoration is designed for a different need, as an expression of freedom and uniqueness. Personalization creates a story behind each decoration: a memory, a mood, a thought to give or collect so as not to forget and immortalize a moment of our life.


Decorations for all occasions at great prices

The wide range of products and the affordable price make the choice wide and accessible to all. Everyone can find the right gift to give to their friends, family, grandparents and unique presents for couples that they’ll both love. From Christmas the Original you can also find gifts for life's occasions: births, weddings and anniversaries.


Attention to detail

The original design of each decoration, the attention to detail, the finishing of the small pieces that decorate each item, the quality of the packaging make Christmas the Original ornaments unique and unmissable!